Samsung put the final nail in the box that used to contain a charger

According to an article published on the website on janvier 14, 2021 by Sean Hollister,

Photo: Samsung (via 9to5Google)

There was a time I would have railed against a gadget maker for daring to ship a phone without a charger.

That time was yesterday. Then, Apple was the poster boy for the idea — Apple with its goody-two-shoes rhetoric about saving the environment while continuing to produce an array of proprietary cables and wireless chargers, one of which requires you to buy a new power brick anyhow.

Samsung doesn’t have those problems. It’s been all-in on USB-C and the Qi wireless standard for years, and you can use any such cable and any charger from any reputable manufacturer to top up your Samsung phone. Heck, those same universal cables and chargers work with laptops and tablets, too: you can use a MacBook or iPad charger to juice up a new Samsung…

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