Microsoft risks a year of goodwill with its Xbox Live price hike

According to an article published on the website on janvier 22, 2021 by Tom Warren,

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft spent most of 2020 building up goodwill for its Xbox Game Pass service and next-gen consoles, but a new Xbox Live Gold price hike risks wiping all of that out. The Xbox maker announced a number of changes to Xbox Live Gold pricing today — you should read our full post for details — and the bottom line is that it’s moving from $60 a year to $120 for most people. That’s a huge jump and a badly timed one: it’s happening in the middle of a pandemic, just as Microsoft has reported big boosts to its gaming revenue throughout 2020.

The reason for the move is obvious — get people on Xbox Game Pass — but Microsoft has done it in a clumsy and poorly timed way.

Xbox fans are understandably angry. Microsoft stands alone in being the only…

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