Microsoft finally admits Xbox One sales were less than half of the PS4

According to an article published on the website on août 15, 2022 by Tom Warren,

Xbox One S
Xbox One S | Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

Official Xbox One sales have largely been a mystery, but now Microsoft is finally admitting the obvious: the PS4 outsold the Xbox One — by a lot.

Microsoft stopped reporting its Xbox One sales figures at the beginning of its 2016 financial year, focusing instead on Xbox Live numbers. The change meant we’ve never officially known how well Xbox One was holding up compared to the PS4 after the Xbox One’s troubled launch. Analyst estimates have consistently put Microsoft in third place behind Sony and Nintendo, and now documents (Word doc) submitted to Brazil’s national competition regulator (spotted by Game Luster) finally shed some light on how the Xbox One generation went.

“Sony has surpassed Microsoft in terms of console sales and…

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